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Commercial Roofs

MI holds an unlimited roofing license, allowing us to perform work on all residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We are well versed in commercial flat roofing, which includes the use of materials such as TPO, EPDM, BUR, torch down, and more. We are also certified in applications of roof coatings such as APOC, Gaco, and Henry.

Association Projects

We work hand in hand with many property management companies, and assist with the facilitation of capital projects and multi-year project planning. By this, we mean that we manage your association’s large scale jobs in terms of taking care of the entire permit process for you, any and all on site meetings, full photo progress reports that you can retain for your records, and consistent lines of communication with our office and crews. 

Commercial Build Outs

Purchased or renting a new commercial property? We can help customize it to suit your needs! Whether it’s an office building, warehouse space, restaurant, or retail store, we can help bring your ideas to life. We perform all aspects of interior renovations including framing, drywall, paint, and flooring. See below for more information on commercial build outs.

Residential Roofs

In need of a new shingle roof? We can help. We are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, meaning we have trained and been tested to ensure our craftsmanship, reliability, and professionalism exceeds the industry standards. We can provide samples and direction on what colors would enhance your home. In addition to residential roofing, we perform gutter & siding repairs and replacements as well! We are your “one stop shop” for exterior improvements. 

Multi-Family Dwelling Roofs

In addition to single family homes, we offer capital project management on large scale roof replacement projects. This includes associations and neighborhoods that may have several condominium buildings, town homes, or apartment buildings that all need work performed. We can assist in identifying and prioritizing which buildings need maintenance, and work directly with the board of directors or property manager on a multi-year plan.

MI Construction & Roofing

A Privately Owned Commercial Construction Company

You have probably come to our website because you are looking for a professional builder to design and build your new project.  Perhaps, you need a buildout on a new space you acquired or an addition or you have a major repair project on your multi-family residence.  Then you’re looking for us!  For any of the above services and a lot more, we believe you have come to the right place!  You should choose us as your project manager, contractor, designer, and builder.

We are Mancione, Inc. doing business as MI Construction & Roofing.  The “Mancione” of Mancione, Inc. is our family name.  The business was started by Len Mancione as a home builder in 1978.  Some of Len’s early homes can be seen along Plainfield Road in Countryside, Illinois.  Many families are still enjoying these homes today.

Today, MI Construction & Roofing is owned by Len’s family.  Jack and Lisa currently own and manage the business.  Their daughters and staff make up the rest of MI Construction & Roofing.

We work in a variety of industries, providing a variety of construction and repair services.  Half of the work we do is for community associations and their management companies.  This work includes special projects involving additions, utility work, drainage, balcony projects, clubhouse projects, and roofing of all types.

Our other primary focus is commercial construction.  We specialize in buildouts.  When you buy or lease new space for your business, you’re going to want to adapt it to fit your business use.  We can design and build an interior space that perfectly matches the needs of your business now and for years to come.

Commercial Build Outs

The construction industry has many terms that make up our “industry speak”.  They make sense to contractors and architects and help us communicate with each other, but can be confusing for people outside the industry.  Build out is one of those terms.  What is a build out?

A “build out” is the construction activities executed to a commercial building space to make it functional for a tenant.  After a business rents a space to conduct its business, the space is almost never set up the way it needs to be.  The wrong number of offices, no conference room, bathrooms are too small, or it may just be a shell of a space with no interior walls.  It won’t work as is.  It needs a build out.

Build outs frequently involve an architect for design.Many architects focus on interiors for these types of commercial spaces.  When a space had a previous tenant, some of the original build out may be re-used.  In other cases, an entire gutting of the space is necessary.

The contractor and architect in this scenario must also work together for compliance purposes. That is, the build out construction must be in compliance with local building ordinances and codes. The building project must also be coordinated with the building engineer and landlord.

Every tenant has different needs, therefore the original construction space is customized for the occupant’s specific desires. Actual constructed improvements can be executed for ceilings, doors, walls and more for the build out.

There are obviously significant fees involved in finishing a build out. These can be charged to the tenant, the landlord or split among both. How these fees are parted depends on market trends, tenant negotiations and the type of space within the construction.

Of course, tenant improvement (TI) costs can be negotiated in leasing. These negotiations factor into the tenant improvement allowance (TIA); representing how much is contributed by the landlord for the tenant’s build out. Often a commercial real estate agent can provide tips on TIAs; specifically on the dollar values and legal terms.

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