Snow & Ice Management

Winter Werks is our snow and ice maintenance division.  Winter Werks is a professional snow & ice company that is a service-oriented business designed to keep your commercial business and private streets functional. We specialize in high liability and exposure properties with 24-hour monitoring. Our services include a full line of ‘Pavement Management’ including Snow Plowing, Snow Relocation and Removal, Temperature Monitoring, De-icing, and Seal/Crack Coating. Our trucks & machines are available 24 hours a day by the push or by the hour. Seasonal contracts can be tailored for your special needs. Our fleet is primarily used in maintaining our host properties and our own facility. We do not schedule in volume and do not over extend the plow routes. All of our business is local! Certificates of Insurance will be issued in the name of each facility upon signing of the contract. Winter Advisories and Service Plans are faxed when appropriate to help you plan your day and an operations truck is designated to the sites during business hours to help keep your site functional. If your current “snow plow guy” is just moving snow, we encourage you to experience the difference and call us for a service plan and pricing quote.